Survey Results

130 people chose to complete the “Riverside Park Playscape Conversations” survey in during early spring 2016. The survey was presented at open houses at the Michigan Avenue and Whittaker Rd branches of the Ypsilanti District Library, the Ford Early Learning Center, the Ypsilanti Senior Center, Sunday Assembly Ypsilanti, and Ypsilanti PRIDE Day 2016. Open houses also included question-and-answer sessions with task force members and architects, along with a model of the first draft of a potential playground at the Riverside Park site. Verbal feedback received during these meetings was recorded and also used to inform the second draft of plans.

Paper versions of the survey were also available in the children’s section of the Michigan Avenue Library during the month of March. In addition, online responses were solicited through an Mlive article and Facebook campaign.



Fifty-eight percent of respondents (74 people) reported that they would walk to the playground at Riverside Park, 53% would drive, and 30% would bike (participants could choose more than one answer).
This highlights the number of potential users within walking distance of the park and the need for accessible walkways, and bike/car parking at the playground.

Favorite Playgrounds

When asked about favorite playgrounds, the most common response was Ford Heritage Park, followed by County Farm Park. Neither of these parks are in the city of Ypsilanti, and involve driving or significant bus time for city residents to access these parks.

Ages served


Participants reported a wide scope of ages interested in a playground at Riverside. Fifty percent of respondents reported they would bring children ages two to five to the playground, 38% ages six to nine, 29% ages ten and up, and 23% ages one to two.

Slide or Merry-Go-Round?